Apr 20 2017
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Exclusive Akiba’s Beat Receives New Trailer

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XSEED launched a new trailer for the Aquire developed RPG Akiba’s Beat, coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on May 16 in North America and May 19 in Europe.

The trailer details the game’s premise while showing off the Akihabara-inspired environments, party based action battle system, and hand-drawn art. Additionally, players get a chance to preview the English dub which was one of the biggest dub projects XSEED has tackled to date, over 22,000 lines of dialog.

The publisher details the premise:

A spiritual successor to AKIBA’S TRIP: Undead & Undressed, AKIBA’S BEAT is a modern-day satirical spin on the classic Japanese RPG formula. Set in a true-to-life recreation of Tokyo’s Akihabara district (“Akiba” for short), players will take control of a party of characters led by protagonist Asahi Tachibana as they seek to rid the town of anything out of sync with reality during a repeating Sunday from which none of them are able to break away.

There are two sides to the gameplay: first, players will wander the streets and question the quirky Akihabara residents on a variety of subjects related to the mystery at hand, ultimately unlocking fantasy-themed dungeons known as “Delusionscapes” which are infested with monsters called “deluseons.” These deluseons are encountered on the map and fought in a party-based action battle system, putting players’ skills to the test and creating a uniquely challenging experience that seamlessly blends a real-life locale with the secret delusory world of its residents’ innermost desires.


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