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Re: Old man looking for RPG/JRPG options!

last month

Most of the Playstation old catalogue of old Final Fantasy games are available, some might be a replay to you, but they are great titles. While not trun, put you controller downa nd come back in an hour Turn based, they do a good enough job at pausing.


For PS4, the newest Turnbased out is Persona 5. Great game It is difficult finding Turn based anymore, same old guy here. My reflexes are okay, I just prefer to sit down and think and relax. I do however still enjoy a few faster paced games like Uncharted. But that isn't a game you are looking for.


Digimon Cybersleuth
Valkyria Chronicles Remastered

Wasteland 2
Banner Saga 1 and 2

Atelier Sophie

Divinity Original Sin

Child of Light

Wild Arms 3


World of Final Fantasy

Disgaea 5

Costume Quest 1/2

Fairy Fencer F: Advent Darkforce



I know you asked about PS4, but mentioned the switch, so I'll put this at the end as a mention. Consider a "new Nintendo 3DS", they have a catalogue of amazing turn based RPG, and with the eshop you can get several of the old SNES RPG games as well. 

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Re: Old man looking for RPG/JRPG options!

last month

Blastfurnace2k wrote:

Ghostwize wrote:


FFXII remaster is coming to ps4 in July I think. Gonna be good to go back and actually play it. It came out around the time my son was born and I stopped playing video games for several years. Smiley Happy

Might be an unpopular opinion, especially here where certain insane people don't think a decent rpg has released since VII, but XII is my favorite FF after VI.


I loved the hunts, the characters, the dungeons, the graphics, the gambit system, pretty much everything. XI gets alot of my love too, I enjoyed it faaaar more than XIV. 

Also FF 12 remake is the international version, which includes the Zodiac system (which gets alot of praise) and other changes that never made it to NA before.

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Re: Old man looking for RPG/JRPG options!

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last month

I think Persona 5 just came out which is turn based? I think.. I know 4 was for sure. I quit caring at 4 because it never really evolved, always the same kind of ideas being used which kinda got old for me. I hear it's good though. but so were the last ones, just not enough changed for me to think it was worth owning.

and as for action but not ruining the game with awkward controls...

NieR:Automata has an option allowing auto targeting, and it's easily the best RPG on the console right now. Doesn't actually have awkward controls at all.

There is also Yakuza 0. Kinda.. think Streets of Rage in third person with RPG added into the mix, can be a bit awkward, but not during battle which i guess is the most important thing. But the awkwardness comes from dumb AI blocking.

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Re: Old man looking for RPG/JRPG options!

last month

Here's a list of some great 2017 Quarter 1 gaming to buy: 


There are some really good RPGs and JRPGs on the list like Persona 5 and Nioh. I'd personally recommend Persona 5. I'm a big fan of JRPGs and this is the best one I've ever played!

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