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Rules of Conduct & Forum Guidelines

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While you are in the PlayStation® Community Forums, there are a few things we ask you to refrain from doing.


Please don’t:


Troll, flame or be offensive (Expand...)


Swear or post inappropriate, suggestive or graphic images, text, videos or links (Expand...)


Violate anyone’s privacy or post your own identifying information (Expand...)


Spam (Expand...)


Promote or take part in cheating, glitching, or other malicious/offensive actions (Expand...)


Accuse others of cheating, glitching, boosting or other malicious/offensive actions (Expand...)


Create an alternate PSN ID to circumvent moderator activity (Expand...)




Here are a few guidelines for posting that we would like you to be made aware of in addition to the Rules of Conduct:


In general, PlayStation Community Managers and Moderators from time to time, may edit post content at their discretion. This is usually only kept to top-level edits like Topic Titles and formatting. Your thoughts and opinions are welcome, and will not be edited so long as they adhere to the Terms of Service.


How to use 'Clan Threads' (Expand...)


How to use 'Event Threads' (Expand...)


How to post spoilers fairly (Expand...)


Avoid using all capitals (Expand...)


Run spell check (Expand...)


Use descriptive & interesting titles (Expand...)


Use search (Expand...)


Giving Prizes / Running Giveaways (Expand...)




Legal Stuff:


In addition to the Forum Rules of Conduct, the Forum Moderation Team may choose to implement additional forum policies at their discretion for day-to-day matters which are not explicitly covered in the Official Rules of Conduct. These policies are usually posted in the Community Forums and are featured. All information contained within is considered Forum Policy unless otherwise specified in the Official Rules of Conduct or in the Terms of Service. Posted Forum Policies may be enforced similar to how the Official Rules of Conduct are enforced and at the discretion of the Moderation Team. Before participating in a forum, please read any applicable featured threads to become familiar with any additional posted Forums policies.


Users of the Forums and Community are subject to the Terms of Service, the PlayStation® Network Terms of Service and User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The Forum Moderation team reserve the right to immediately delete any posting, suspend or ban any user at our sole discretion.


Updated: 24 January 2017


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