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Re: Will the PS4 EVER support Bluetooth?

Jan 28, 2016

GraphiteGB wrote:

Excepy BT4.0 is not a single standard which is why devices are DROPPING it for a single standard called wifi direct.... one single system... under one wifi direct logo...


BT 4.0 has many many systems and standards not limited to..






There is not one standard for BT and has not been for a long time... and as more "BT" headsets release more "standards" that are not supported get released...







Yet I have never found a bluetooth device my phone doesnt support, or that my bluetooth speakers were not compatible with.


The PS4 actually sees every bluetooth device I have tried to connect, including my phone yet it says "Profile not found"


So yeah it supports the standard everyone wants, its just Sony is not actively adding the profiles of standard devices like pretty much everyone else who wants to claim Bluetooth compatibility does, yes even cheap knock off stuff has much cgreater compatibility.


Its to the point where it cant even be incompetence, its purposeful locking out of devices to further a sales agenda IMVHO, and thats pretty rude, but its the Sony we know and love right?


Remember when the PS4 was announced to have universal in game music?  And remember how the only way to do that was via Sony paid services?


Classic Sony.

Na13-31 wrote:
Finally, the structure of my question is that you would have to disprove every possible outcome to be correct and I would just have to have one that would likely be beneficial. That's statistically in my favor by quite a bit.

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Re: Will the PS4 EVER support Bluetooth?

Oct 12, 2016
Technically no he's not wrong on his title because we don't have the full function of the Bluetooth capability and trying to Limited certain Bluetooth devices is wrong Bluetooth means Bluetooth meaning anything that has Bluetooth capability you can link into not Bluetooth / it's only going to be limited because it's sad that the Xbox One bluetooth capability isn't Limited to certain devices so why is Sony trying to make Bluetooth Limited but it's pretty sad even though my laptop I can take the Bluetooth device I got right now that I use on the PS3 and it will link up to my laptop Bluetooth if I would have known this basic feature was being Limited I would have got an Xbox One
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Re: Will the PS4 EVER support Bluetooth?

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Oct 12, 2016

Sony made some poor decisions with the PS3, and now also with the PS4. However most of the PS4 decisions are pure and simple. Keep price low, make more money than with the PS3, and avoid a hack like in 2011. Now add in some poor judgement by some at Sony and  probably some examples of the Peter Principle.


Overall for me, and even missing features i wish it had, the PS4 serves me very well. The PS4 browser works well enough that my pc is seldom used for browsing and email. 

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Re: Will the PS4 EVER support Bluetooth?

last month
While I do wish there were more options to play music (such as pandora) from my phone to PS4 they do have a better option. I would suggest downloading either Spotify or iHeart Radio. Both of these can be streamed from the phone and then flashed over to the PS4 ­čśü
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Re: Will the PS4 EVER support Bluetooth?

last month
Please be more careful and always check the dates before posting, as necrobumping is forbidden. This thread will now be locked.
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