Apr 21 2017
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Account hacked?!!?

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Hey, I was playing PES17 today everything was going fine. When i was about to close application to play gta v. I noticed that the name is changed (it was 'lilman' now its 'JAY HATED LIL'). Then i tried to play gta online it said that i have to sign into PSN in order to play online. I tried to login but it said password is wrong. I tried to change the pass. But when i enter the email, it says that this email is not vaild. I think someone changed it or something. Can you help me plz.

BTW its not on this account this is my old account.
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Re: Account hacked?!!?

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You must contact Customer Service to recover a PSN account.  This is a public, user-based community forum - nobody here can help.


If your account is based in North America your contact options are in my signature below, last line.


This thread has excellent info on how to keep your account secure:

** Use a unique password for your PSN ID - one you don't use anywhere else **
** Engage brain before putting mouth in gear ** ** two-step verification - use it **

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