Apr 20 2017
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How do we actually get suggestions to Sony?

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Has a Sony rep responded to any topic on this forum? The @askplaystation twitter told me to go to some Sony suggestion website, but there's three topics there and no activity despite topics myself and others from the PsVR subreddit posted.

Suggestions I have:
1. Cinematic Drift - add an ability to turn off the gyro on all screen sizes. Currently only available on small.
2. Cinematic size - add a slider to adjust size not three preset options.
3. Remap cinematic gyro - instead of using the gyro to make a virtual cinema screen, add option to map it to the right analogue stick. Most games use the right stick for looking and this feature would really enhance immersion in no VR games.
4. Auto center after period of low movement - instead of having to press option to recenter every few minutes, the unit would auto center itself.
5. Option to manually recalibrate the gyros - it's pretty clear that the drifting of the PsVR is due to some hard coded gyro calibration numbers. I've done work with gyro/accel chips and one thing is certain. You can't just have a single hardcoded calibration setting. Each chip is different. And most devices have a way to recalibrate.

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Re: How do we actually get suggestions to Sony?

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It's like a **bleep** ghost town here.
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