May 19 2017
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Browser losing location

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I have a firestick although most of the time I like to use my wired browser for viewing. With the browser I lose the location way to often and have to have it reset which is a pain. My firestick may give me a message on location, but ti can click it off and it nearly always works fine. The browser is the only place I am having this problem. Totally tired of back and forth with PVue and my ISP people on what  the problem/fix is. PVue says I need a static IP which the ISP wants $10! a month for and also tells me that other people have no problem like this with consoles for PVue. It sounds like the problem is with the browser app/PVue or maybe something with my PC causing the location mixup. If my PC how do I have it set the location using Firefox? If it is a PVue program defect they need to fix this. Getting old. Thanks for any ideas.

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