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How to play and beat Crushing Co-Op Arena Guide

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How to play and beat Co-Op Arena on Crushing

I've seen some threads on this board about Co-Op Arena tips and discussions about what the best Boosters/Kickbacks are. As a veteran Co-Op player who always plays and usually finishes Crushing, including some with only 2 players and without losing any lives. I thought I'd write this guide about what the best combinations actually are and how to easily beat Crushing.

Note 1: Skip to Section 6, 7 and 8 for short and quick info about Boosters/Kickbacks, Enemies and Maps.

Note 2: This is not the only way to play Co-Op Arena on Crushing, it's just a guide. Play however you like.

This comprehensive guide will tell you everything you need to know about playing Co-Op Arena on Crushing and how to beat it. However it does not give you specific detailed information about how to beat each map.

Guide includes:

Quick search: Crtl + F "SG#"

SG1. Getting Started | - Prerequisites & Recommendations

SG2. General Tips | - How to play/Reviving team mates/Meleeing Enemies/Best weapons

SG3. Enemy types | - Detailed tips to defeat each one

SG4. Gamemode Tips | - Gold Rush, Siege & Survival

SG5. Playstyles | - Rating/How to play, Pros & Cons

SG6. Boosters/Kickbacks | - Rating/Usefulness

SG7. Enemies | - Priority to kill/General methods to kill

SG8. Maps | - Hardest to easiest/Great Survival spots

SG9. Bonus stuff | - How to complete Co-Op treasure sets/Best Hunter Arena combinations


SG1. Getting Started

  • Crushing can be completed with 2 players but it is easier with 3
  • It's recommended to have all Weapon Attachments and Level 3 Gold Boosters
  • It's recommended that everyone in the team has a mic but it is not required
  • It's recommended to have Shoulder Swap enabled as it will help shooting enemies behind cover
  • It's recommended to be familiar with the level you're attempting such as weapon locations, Siege spots and so on
  • It's recommended to beat the level you're attempting at least once or more on Hard before attempting Crushing
  • Turning Color Blind support on will turn the Siege circle blue, it is easier to see through but this is not required


SG2. General Tips

2.1 How to play as a team

  1. Play to beat the level as a team, not to get the most kills or points
  2. Stay close and play together. However don't stand right next to one another as an explosive will down both or all of you. Only stay close enough to revive a team member that you can easily get to them if they go down
  3. Getting the most kills doesn't mean you'll get the most points. Try to get medals as opposed to kills, such as aiming for the head for a Headcracker Medal as well as a Long Gun Fever or Wild West Medal. This is a great way to get more medals for your kickbacks. Such as getting a Covert Ops, Punch Out and Let him Go medal at the same time by meleeing a Choker grabbing a team mate from behind.
  4. No one should be losing lives on Gold Rush or Survival. Try not to lose lives in the first 5 to 7 rounds since you'll need them in the later Siege rounds.
  5. Don't stand in front of team mates shooting an enemy, you'll get shot in the back.
  6. Cover a side in Siege or Survival and stay there, let your team mates cover their sides otherwise you'll become overwhelmed. Exception, when a high priority enemy is making their way to your team mate it is better to take them down together so they will be killed faster
  7. Don't steal kills from team mates unless they need your help. No one likes seeing +25 dollars on Crushing. Exception for the Cluster Bomber, Carpet Bomber, RPGer or Sniper, it doesn't matter who kills these foes. They are all very dangerous since they one hit down or kill and should be killed as soon as possible. I.e. If someone is shooting a Brute or Militia Mini-boss for ages and their almost dead, don't start firing at them and take their kill, unless your team member is about to die.
  8. If you use explosives a lot such as Cluster Bombs, grenades, M32-Hammers and RPGs. Use Team Safe otherwise not only will you kill yourself, but also team members. If you kill the same team member twice, they will be able to kick you and you'll lose all your points.
  9. If you don't have Team Safe, make sure to throw grenades away from team mates. If you don't know where to throw them then look up and throw them into the sky. Try not to throw grenades at regular enemies since a team member may try to melee them.
  10. Use Shoulder Swap to take advantage of the environment. You don't need to be in cover to use cover. For instance if a wall is to your left, an enemy will come from the right. Stand behind the wall (don't tap Circle) with the default view (over your left shoulder) will mean you have the advantage, it's possible to shoot the enemy without them being able to shoot you. Vice versa if the wall is to your right, shoulder swap (over your right shoulder) and it will be much easier to kill enemies who come from the left. They will still be able to shoot you though because from their perspective, they see the wall to the left and are looking over their left shoulder.
  11. You can search for a TDM game and buy a PAID BOOSTER, if you back out and start a Co-Op Arena game it will still count. Hence you can have 3 boosters in Co-Op. The two useful ones are BARGIN and EXPLOSIVE EXPERT. This way you can stack boosters and it will take 3 medals less for kickbacks or have 4 grenades slots.
  12. You don't need Explosives Expert to stack Cluster Bombs or Mega Bombs.
  13. If a treasure drops in the open, do not leave the defending position in Siege or Survival. The teams will most likely die trying to get it, or die trying to save downed team mates who went for it. Wait until the end of the round to retrieve treasures. Don't worry about them disappearing, they'll pop up again. If you're searching for the last/rare treasure to complete a set, refer to section 9. about how to complete Co-Op treasure sets.
  14. When running low on ammo, avoid going over ammo with the same gun you're holding. For example, if you're using a G-MAL and have 0 bullets, don't walk over another G-MAL, you'll only get 1/3 to 1/2 (30-60 bullets) of the full ammo reserves. If you swap the G-MAL for a different weapon first and then pick up the new G-MAL, you'll get full ammo (120 bullets).
  15. Avoid using shotguns if at all possible. They have limited ammo, they are ineffective against armored foes and they take a long time to reload. The SAS for example takes forever just to shoot, let alone reload. They can however be used in the earlier rounds.
  16. Crushing becomes easy if no one dies since PAK-80s can be retrieved from fallen Brutes and used in later rounds. It’s possible for each team member to have a full PAK-80 come round 9 or 10 if no one dies. I've played games with only one other person and we had 4 PAK-80s ready to use in Round 10. PAK-80s are best saved for Siege rounds in bad spots and to kill Mini-Bosses or Brutes.
  17. Only get Treasure boxes when you know you won't die. If you're playing Siege try not to leave the circle to get another box. If the team stays together, the closet two treasure boxes will always spawn one after another. This means you'll know where the next Treasure box will open before it happens. Try to get these in-between rounds, during Gold Rush or when there is a break in the enemy wave.
  18. Make sure to share medal boxes. Just because you see it first or got there first doesn't mean you should pick it up. If someone has Medic or Protector, it's a good idea for them to pick it up instead since it's a defensive team kickback. There's no point getting another Cluster Bomb if the whole team dies since you were greedy. If you have a more offensive kickback, it's a good idea to ask if anyone needs it first.
  19. If someone with Medic/Protector has their medals maxed out then they don't need it so you're usually free to take it instead. If no one needs it, then it's a good idea to leave it until someone activates their kickback so they can quickly get another 3 medals to their next kickback. Sometimes in Gold Rush the medal box will open in a location far away from where the team usually defends. It's a good idea to grab it so next time it will spawn closer.
  20. When using mics, make sure you communicate effectively. Try to point out locations of nearby threats such as saying, there's a Brute approaching from the right. Or an Armored Shotty is behind us, I'm about to go down, help. Watch out there is a Cluster Bomber coming your way, look behind you. There is a medal box upstairs, does anyone need it? Don't bring the Idol that way, there are too many enemies. Don't save me, it's too risky, let me die. I'm down, there is just a regular enemy next to me and so on.

2.2 Reviving team mates

  1. Only revive team mates when you know you won't get downed helping them
  2. The game prioritizes reviving a team member over throwing a grenade back. With that said, when a grenade is near a down team member, walk away from them in the direction of the grenade to see the throwback grenade option. Throw the grenade away first and then revive them.
  3. Don't revive a team member when a Carpet Bomber throws three grenades at them. Even if you revive them, both of you will get down and instantly killed. Make sure a RPGer does not have you in his sights since he will kill both of you when you go to revive. Exception - if you can revive them fast enough and avoid the grenades/RPGers then do it.
  4. When two people revive a downed team member, they get revived faster
  5. Never leave your team mates to die since it's a waste of lives unless you can't save them

2.3 Meleeing enemies

  1. Punching enemies to death will most likely drop a live grenade
  2. If two team members punch an enemy at the same time, two grenades may drop so avoid punching the same enemy
  3. Don't shoot enemies who a team member is punching, you may down them and they will die by the grenade drop
  4. Try to Covert Ops (melee them from behind) kill an enemy when meleeing them. It's faster and you will avoid the Dropkick of death. When you perform a dropkick, even if you are damaged a little bit, the fallen grenade will most likely kill you since you won't have enough time to throw it back. Try mashing triangle if you accidently dropkick someone, this sometimes works but it's recommended to try rolling or jumping away
  5. You can pull down all enemies excluding the Brutes. Cluster Bombers/Mega Bombers will usually always drop a live kickback grenade upon melee/covert ops/pull down death so it's not recommended to do this
  6. Try to avoid meleeing enemies next to down team mates since they'll drop a grenade. Avoid meleeing enemies in tight corridors since you won't be able to throw the grenade back easily

2.4 Best weapons

2.41 Primary weapons (Best to worst)

The G-MAL is the best overall gun in Co-Op. Unlike the T-Bolt or M32-Hammer, you can easily kill 4 mini-bosses if you don't miss any shots without refilling ammo. You can also take hats off armored foes with two bursts and melee them. You'll get a ton of Headcracker medals in addition to Long Gun Fever medals. You can run away from armored chokers and shoot their helmets off easily. Two burst kill normal enemies. The only downfall of the G-MAL is when up close/blind firing or fighting Brutes. There are a ton of G-MALs on the normal maps so you'll never run out of ammo for long.

  1. G-MAL | Great | - Great supply of ammo, versatile. Used for any situation excluding Brutes or up close. Must be precise.
  2. PAK-80 | Great | - Kills anything easily. Dropped if stunned or punched. Slows you down. Should only burst fire to conserve ammo.
  3. M9 | Great | - Second best assault rifle. Great up close to kill anything, good to blind fire with. Lacks ammo.
  4. M32-Hammer | Great | - Great way to take down bosses easily. Can hold 8 shots to kill 2 Mini-bosses or groups of enemies. 4 shots will either defeat a Mini-boss or weaken him to be easily killed.
  5. Dragon Sniper | Great | - Overall best sniper due to the amount of ammo you get. 4 shot to kill Mini-boss if shooting chest.
  6. T-Bolt | Good | - Great for taking armor off of the Mini-bosses. 3 shot kill to Mini-boss if shooting chest. Respawns.
  7. AK-47 | Good | - Good for close and medium range. Doesn't kill as fast as the M9. Makes up for it with ammo.
  8. RPG | Decent | - Only 2 shots. Doesn't do much damage to Mini-bosses or Armored foes.
  9. FAL-SS | Decent | - No upgrades available in Co-Op. 4 shots to take off a helmet. Too slow to reload, not enough ammo.
  10. KAL-7 | Decent | - Only good for blind firing Mini-bosses/Brutes or armored enemies behind cover. Not enough ammo.
  11. Sawed Off | Bad | - Practically useless against armored enemies. Pistole is better
  12. SAS | Bad | - One shot to remove a helmet on Armored Choker if grabbing a team mate. Takes too long to shoot, not enough ammo

2.4.2 Side arm weapons (Best to worst)

The Micro is the best overall side arm in Co-Op. This is because you can blind fire it to stun most enemies and then punch them. Possible to blind fire a Mini-boss behind cover and eventually kill them up close. Very easy to get more ammo since it now spawns on most maps or dropped by enemies. The MAG-5 is a good choice but there is limited ammo and it's quite difficult to change pistols before picking up a new one when you need more than 3 bullets from a pick up.

  1. Micro | Great | - Great amount of ammo, great to blind fire with. Can be hard to aim with foes in medium range. Easily replenished from Riot Shielders or normal enemies.
  2. MAG-5 | Great | - 1 shot kill normal enemies and armored chokers who have grabbed a team mate. 2 shots to remove armor from armored enemy or mini-boss. Not enough ammo, only get 3 ammo if you roll over it. Hard to switch pistols to get max ammo on pick up. 2 shot kill to normal armored enemy to the head.
  3. Para9 | Good | - Great amount of ammo, takes too many bullets to kill an armored enemy. Great to blind fire.
  4. Raffica | Bad | - Great accuracy but takes 3 bursts to kill normal enemies. Doesn't shoot fast enough to be effective.
  5. Pistole | Bad | - Only good in the early rounds to blind fire foes. Limited ammo supply.

2.4.3 Primary and secondary gun combinations:**

Try to get two weapons that complement each other. Such as using a G-MAL and a Micro. The reason this is a great combination is because the G-MAL is great medium to long range but is terrible at very close range. With the Micro you can blind fire effectively to stop yourself from being choked by punching a choker or quickly dispatch a Riot Shielder.

Using a Dragon Sniper and a MAG-5 is only a decent combination since you won't be able to spray enemies up close and personal when you have to "panic" shoot. However this can be a good combination if you make sure no enemies ever get too close. Great combinations:

  • PAK-80 + MAG-5
  • M9 + Para9
  • M9 + Micro Good combinations:

  • PAK-80 + MICRO
  • PAK-80 + MAG-5
  • G-MAL + MAG-5
  • M9 + MAG5
  • M32-Hammer + MAG-5
  • Dragon Sniper + MICRO Decent combinations:

  • Dragon Sniper + MAG5
  • T-Bolt + Micro
  • T-Bolt + MAG5
  • AK-47 + Para9
  • Anything + Pistole (Early rounds only) Worst combinations:

  • G-MAL + Pistole
  • SAS + Pistole
  • KAL7 + Pistole
  • FAL-SS + Pistole
  • RPG + Pistole

**Too many to list


SG3. Enemies Types

3.1 Normal enemies

  1. Just follow the general tips and you'll be fine. Any guns and tactics will work, just be wary of punching an enemy when getting shot. You will go down and a revenge grenade will most likely instantly kill you.

3.2 Shotgunners

  1. Try not to get close as a Pistole foe will down you with two shots. Sometimes they will shoot three and you won't have a chance. Try stealth killing him or using an assault rifle from medium to long range. Sawed Off variants aren't as bad but still deadly.

3.3 Armored enemies (Shotgunners & Assault Rifles)

  1. Aim for the head, once the helmet is off you can then punch them to death. It's always recommended to try and get Covert Ops medals instead of punching them from the front. Not only do you get an extra Medal for each 3 stealth kills but you avoid the Dropkick of Death. In addition, due to lag if you punch them from the front they might shoot you and punch you at the same time. The armored shotgunner is notorious for this and you'll get instantly down. If you can't Covert Ops an enemy, then try kicking them in the head (Tapping Square from an elevated position) as this is generally the safest way to melee. Be wary of grenades falling when you do this.
  2. Throwing a grenade at their legs will remove a piece of leg armor, it's possible to shoot their exposed body part and take them down fairly quickly. However, this takes longer than shooting their helmet off. One MAG-5/Sniper shot will take their helmet off and another will defeat them. 2 bursts with the G-MAL or a few bullets from the AK-47/M9 will also do the job.
  3. It's not really recommended to use RPGs or a M32-Hammer on these enemies since explosives are only really good at taking their armor off. Better saved for Mini-bosses. It's a waste since their hats come off much faster using a gun. However an exception includes using the Explosives Expert Booster to carry 3 grenades at once. Throwing 2 to 3 grenades quickly will finish an armored enemy instantly. This is a great tactic if a 1 or 2 armored shotgunners gets behind the team or they get inside the defending position. Also a good idea to use the M32-Hammer if two armored shotgunners make it inside the defending position since they'll kill the team very quickly.

3.4 Riot Shielders

  1. If you throw a grenade right in front of them or fire an RPG directly at their shield they will survive. So make sure to throw a grenade on their side.
  2. Alternatively use a team mate to distract them while you shoot or Covert Ops them.
  3. Also you can run over their shield and melee them from behind but this is a waste of bullets.
  4. If none of the other options are available then you can also use a gun plus the Shoulder Swap option to get a better angle while shooting them up close

3.5 Chokers (Normal and Armored)

  1. You can melee kill all types of chokers. To melee them, make sure their helmet is off and then blind fire shoot them, tap Square to one punch kill them. To pull them down, get into position and blind fire shoot them (make sure your bullets him them or this won't work), tap square to pull them down. This works even if their hats are on.
  2. In round 7, dual chokers will begin to spawn at the start of the following rounds. This means two will come towards the team at the same time or one right after the other.
  3. Sometimes it is better to let a choker grab you so it's easier to defeat by your team mates. Unless you know how to melee kill an armored choker don't run away from it. This will give your team mates a free medal. Just make sure you get choked in a place where your team can easily get to you and won't get shot at trying to save you.
  4. Always tap Circle as fast as you can to give your team mates more time to save you. Armored Chokers will always weave their heads left and right when grabbing a team mate. Try placing your reticule where their head will move to when firing a MAG-5 or Sniper at them. Take the shot when their head moves into position, 1 shot to the head with these weapons will get them off instantly.

3.6 Mini-Bosses (Militia, Carpet Bomber & Cluster Bomber)

  1. When fighting mini-bosses, do not aim for the head. Aim for either the legs or the chest. Their helmets are super glued to their head. It takes 4 Dragon Sniper shots or 3 T-Bolt shots to the chest to defeat them while it takes several more just to take their hat off.
  2. Mini-bosses armor is weakest at the legs, then arms and then chest. However the chest is the easiest place to shoot as it is the largest body mass. Once their armor is off, aim for that location (exposed body part), they will die very easily. I.e. If you begin shooting their chest when they are behind cover and notice when they walk towards you their leg armor is exposed, then switch to shooting their legs to take them down faster.
  3. Mini-bosses don't take a lot to defeat. 1 M9 clip up close or slightly less than 1 G-MAL clip will defeat them if every shot hits. 2 MAG-5 bullets, 2 Dragon Sniper shots or 1 T-Bolt shot to the chest will remove it, use an assault rifle to finish them off easily or 2 more shots from any sniper rifle. A single grenade thrown at their legs will remove one of their leg's armor.
  4. You can pull down/stealth kill from behind cover Mini-Bosses even if their hats are on or punch them if their hats are off. When defeating a Mini-boss with melee, they might drop a normal grenade. A Cluster Bomber usually drops a live cluster grenade upon melee death.
  5. Try to get up close and personal to fight Carpet Bombers and Cluster Bombers, they won't throw a grenade when the whole team is close. Just make sure they are not in the process of throwing one when you approach them since they may end up throwing it at you. By removing the armor of a Mini-Boss, if you shoot their exposed body part they will sometimes drop the grenade they are throwing which could kill themselves, including the Cluster Bomber. So this is another reason it's a good idea to aim for the chest and not their head.
  6. Usually when you defeat a Mini-boss, another Mini-boss will quickly spawn afterwards.
  7. Try to defeat these enemies quickly as more will spawn. You could be fighting 3 Carpet Bombers and a Militia Man or a Cluster Bomber, 2 Carpet Bombers, a Militia man and a Brute at the same time.

3.7 Brutes

  1. The fastest way to defeat a Brute is by throwing a Cluster Bomb under his legs. This will instantly kill him if thrown correctly. The second fastest way is by using a PAK-80 against him. Using Army of Three, more cluster bombs or PAK-80s will speed up this process. The next fastest way is by snipping his chest with multiple team members sniping. 2 shots from a T-Bolt will remove his chest plate.
  2. It's possible to defeat a Brute using only assault rifles. It's recommended to use M9s or AK47s for this when up close. The G-MAL burst fire is too slow to be effective while being shot at. Make sure to be behind cover to recover from your wounds. Using these assault rifles or a Micro/KAL7, it's possible to kill a Brute, simply by blind firing.
  3. Once a Brute is dead, take their PAK-80 and use it against the next one. Most people say don't use it on armored or regular foes. However, if you burst fire armored foes or Mini-bosses in the legs they will die very quickly and you'll have enough bullets for an entire round and enough to kill another Brute. But you must be accurate. Try not to aim for the chest against Mini-Bosses or Armored foes, this will waste all your bullets. On the contrary, aim for the chest when using it against another Brute. They usually walk left to right which means you'll miss a lot of shots.
  4. Be careful not to walk over your team mates PAK-80, you'll take their ammo. Only do this if they have a few bullets left and have dropped it for another gun. Try not to die during the later rounds. It's possible for every team member to have a full PAK-80 come round 9 and 10. Once everyone has a PAK-80, crushing becomes a cake walk, even in Siege.
  5. At the end of the round, enemies will drop their guns including the Brute. Pick up his PAK-80 and use it in the next round. If your survival spot is too far away to get to with a PAK-80 either drop it for another gun or choose a different spot to defend.

3.8 Other enemy tips

  1. The Militia man arrives in round 2.
  2. The Cluster Bomber arrives in round 6.
  3. The Brute arrives in round 7.
  4. Two Armored Chokers will spawn in round 7 and make their way towards the team at the same time or right after another.
  5. Towards the end of rounds, armored foes will usually come towards the team in duos. Be careful when two armored shotgunners approach as it's very easy to get down.
  6. Towards the later rounds, boss enemies will spawn immediately such as a Brute and Cluster Bomber being present at the start of the round. You may face two or more Cluster Bombers in the same round. If you don't kill the Brute another will spawn and you will have to contend with two at once. Depending how long the round goes for, a third Brute may sometimes spawn. But this is very unlikely. With that said I just recently played Siege on Fort in round 9 and since we were taking forever to beat the round, 3 Brutes were out at the same time.


SG4. Gamemode

4.1 Gold Rush:

  1. This is the easiest game mode, you should be dying the least or not at all in these rounds.
  2. Gold Rush can only be picked during the first 7 rounds (It will never be picked in round 8, 9 or 10). It's not worth defeating enemies during these rounds since you might die. You'll get more points by reaching and playing later rounds.
  3. With that said, obviously kill any enemies’ in-between the Idol carrier and the Treasure box.
  4. Make sure to stay together during Gold Rush. If you get too far away from one another, the team will most likely die since one person will run off to revive them and the other person carrying the treasure gets down and surrounded.
  5. Try to take the long way to the Treasure box, there will always be fewer enemies that way. The short way is defined as always walking straight towards the box, the long way is walking around the corners and edges of the map or using the various levels of buildings. Although you'll be covering more distance, you'll finish the round faster since you won't spend time in cover killing so many foes.
  6. If going the short way, try throwing the Idol instead of carrying it since it will be faster. However, be warned because you may through it into a group of enemies and die trying to get it again. The long way is recommended. An example of when going the short way is acceptable is on The Fort because there are a lot of crates on top to avoid getting shot at. However, it's much safer to go underground on this level if you don't know what you're doing.
  7. On maps where there is 3 possible idol spawn locations, the treasure will always spawn in a sequence. For example, let’s say the locations are A, B and C. The first choice will be random. Let’s say B. The second choice will be random between A or C. Let’s say C. Therefore the third time it spawns in a later round it will choose C first. After that the process repeats itself. When the whole team dies, it is random again.

4.2 Siege:

  1. Usually each map will have a good siege spot, a bad siege spot and a not so good siege spot.
  2. This is the hardest game mode as you are required to get kills in a set zone. Depending on the map different types of cover will be available. Try to always take the high ground during these spots. The only real exception to this is on Highrise in the construction site spot where the best place (only place) to stay is on the ground level behind the wooden piece of cover. Just like in Star Wars, the person who has the high ground has the advantage.
  3. Sometimes Siege will become too intense in the sense that there is not enough ammo left and the team is getting surrounded. This usually occurs in the later rounds if the only weapons available include assault rifles or pistols remaining. If it ever gets too risky to stay inside the circle, it's recommended for the team to run away from the circle to lure the enemies away. Make your way around the map, refill ammo and then head back into the circle. This means enemies will begin moving towards you again and give you a chance to take out some easier foes.
  4. Sometimes but not always it might be a good idea for some team members to stay in the Siege spot and the others to go and lure some enemies away. The person who stays behind could be a Protector who has a better chance of not getting down. The person luring enemies just needs to run away long enough to get more deadly enemies away. They could also run to a Treasure box outside the Siege circle and get a Kickback to help.
  5. In Siege, make sure you stay behind cover and you're always in saving distance of team mates. Choose a side to protect and stay at that location unless a team member needs your help or goes down. Even if no enemies are coming your way, stay at your post otherwise you will get surrounded and die. Just like in 300, numbers count for nothing if you hold your ground and take out foes before they can get inside or behind you.
  6. Common pitfalls include running away from Armored Chokers chasing you and by the time the team reacts and defeats that enemy. Heaps of other foes have made their way inside. This also happens when someone leaves their post to find enemies to shoot on another person's side. Sometimes it may be boring for a round but don't leave your post.
  7. Every map has 3 Siege locations. Let’s say A, B and C. The first spot is usually random, but tends to be were the spot where player’s are closet to. Let’s say spot C is chosen first. After that it is random between the next spot being A or B. Let’s say it’s A. Then on the third Siege round, it will pick B. After that it is random again or if the entire team dies.

4.3 Survival:

  1. If you can't find a good place to bunker down then just go to the *good* Siege spot with your team mates. This way you'll have the best way to survive or check the recommended spots in the Map section.
  2. Survival should be like Siege, stay together with your team mates. Don't be on opposite sides of the map. Cover your side and stay there.
  3. A very bad tactic is going to were enemies spawn, you will get overwhelmed and everyone will die trying to save you. Let them come to you and you'll kill more enemies and get more points.
  4. The team has the advantage in Survival, you can bunker down wherever you want, and so you shouldn't be dying. If you choose a different location than those recommended, make sure that it's not in the open, has good cover and there are limited entry points.
  5. I.e. On Desert Village a good spot would be the lower level Siege spot since the enemies can't come from behind you however a trade off is there is no ammo stocks. Another good place is the higher level Siege spot since ammo and cover is available but it's possible to get trapped in the corner if you don't take down foes fast enough. A terrible spot would be where the T-Bolt and RPG spawn since this is where the enemies spawn or where the M32-Hammer spawns since you'll get shot from every direction. Another example includes Facility where the M32-Hammer spawns. This is one of the best survival spots, enemies take a while to come to you and it's easy to take down foes coming from only two directions. Just be wary of a Cluster Bomber throwing a grenade in the opening in front of the M32-Hammer.


SG5. Playstyles

The following section details some of the best load outs for Co-Op Arena.

5.1 Protector: (5/5)

  • Booster 1: Regeneration
  • Booster 2: Overstock
  • Kickback: Protector
  • Medal limit: 9/15
  • Duration: 30 seconds

5.1.1 How to play:

  1. The Protector is responsible to "Protect" the team from failing a round. Their role is to remain alive and save team mates by taking calculated risks. They must make a judgment call on whether or not to save team mates who may both be down. Sometimes it's better to let team mates die then to try and save them resulting in everyone dead.
  2. Always grab the first 2 to 3 medal boxes at the start of the game. With Overstock it's very easy to obtain the additional medals before you will normally need to activate Protector. Once you have 9/15 medals or are maxed out (15/15) do not pick up any more medal boxes, let your team members get them.
  3. Once you activate Protector you will normally have 6/9 medals for the next use. Picking up one more Treasure box will allow you to activate again easily in the same round. This will grant you 60 seconds of Protector in a single round, very useful in later Siege rounds. This is a risk and reward though, once you activate it twice in one round it is very difficult to get another use quickly. This should really only be done if it is Siege and the team is about to die in round 8, 9 or 10.
  4. Protector should be activated when a Cluster Bomb is thrown directly towards the team. Quick activation will save everyone's life. It's possible to save team mates in the open who go down once activated, this is useful during Gold Rush when it's harder to save fallen team mates. In Gold Rush during the later rounds, enemies will cluster around the treasure box, it is a good idea for you to place the idol in the box because if you get shot you can save yourself from getting down by activating it.
  5. Protector can also be activated when you are being choked. It's possible for an ally to come to your aid while be shot at and save you since they won't be damaged too much. Protector is still active if you go down. So team mates will usually be safe if they try and rescue you. A glitch allows you to sometimes activate Protector after you've gone down.

5.1.2 Pros:

  1. Offensive and defensive kickback
  2. You can activate protector and revive someone even if an enemy throws a grenade near you. You will help them up, have full health and the grenade won't down you or your team mate.
  3. Only a direct hit (under the legs) will kill or down you or a team member by a Cluster Bomb
  4. Possible to fight a Cluster Bomber one on one with Protector active from far away with Regeneration. A cluster bomb won't down you unless you're careless and by the time he throws another you will have full health again.
  5. Possible to defeat a Brute with only assault rifles (M9s) two on one without cover. Keep reviving the team member who goes down to have full health and keep firing.
  6. Very difficult to die in cover with Protector activated
  7. Explosives like Cluster Bombs (Still can if directly hit) or RPGs won't down you or team mates in one hit with Protector activated

5.1.3 Cons:

  1. A lot of medals to activate
  2. Using it twice in one round leaves you Protector less in the next
  3. Your explosives will damage team members
  4. Enemy explosives will stun you
  5. Not a good idea to use the Rocket Launcher/M32-Hammer useless you're forced to so since you might down a team mate
  6. If everyone dies including yourself with Protector on, it's a waste since it will only last a few more seconds in the restart of the round
  7. You can still die from a single grenade if you're down and Protector is active

5.2 Explosive Expert: (4.5/5)

  • Booster 1: Explosive Expert
  • Booster 2: Team Safe
  • Kickback: Cluster Bomb
  • Medal limit: 8/Unlimited
  • Duration: Instant

5.2.1 How to play:

  1. The Explosives Expert is not someone who just takes all the Medals Boxes and stacks Cluster Bombs.
  2. This role involves using explosives as the primary weapon to take down armored enemies, Mini-bosses and brutes.
  3. The main strategy to employ is to stack normal grenades in-between rounds and use them in emergencies.
  4. This player tends to carry the M32-Hammer and keeps it throughout the game until a boss is present.
  5. 4 shots from the M32-Hammer will defeat a mini-boss, or weaken him to the point a pistol can finish him off
  6. The M32-Hammer can hold 8 shots. If the player has 0 ammo while carry a M32-Hammer and picks another up, they will get 5 ammo instead of 4.
  7. Cluster bombs should usually be held until a situation where there are a lot of enemies or a high priority enemy needs to be killed as soon as possible. Such as defeating a Brute or Cluster Bomber, or multiple bosses.
  8. The main weapon to use to take out normal enemies will be pistols. Such as the MAG-5, Micro or Para 9.
  9. It's a good idea to not activate cluster bombs until you need them in case you die and this makes use of normal grenades
  10. Cluster bombs can be thrown on down team mates to kill nearby threats. When thrown another player can run in and save the fallen team mate, neither team mate will be hurt by the grenades. If both team members are down, wait for your Cluster bomb to settle and then save them

5.2.2 Pros:

  1. Carry up to 3 grenades at once - These can be used in emergencies such as when an armored shotgunner is getting too close. Depending on how the grenades are thrown it will usually take 2 or 3 to kill an armored enemy. These can also be used against Mini-Bosses to remove their armor and weaken them.
  2. Won't damage team mates from explosives
  3. You can stack an unlimited amount of Cluster Bombs, you don't need the Explosives Expert booster to do this

5.2.3 Cons:

  1. Activating a cluster bomb means you can't use normal grenades until it is thrown
  2. If you die, any cluster bombs stacked will be gone
  3. If thrown incorrectly, it can kill you quite easily
  4. If you throw back a grenade too close to you, you can still die by it

5.3 Commando: (4/5)

  • Booster 1: Regeneration/Explosives Expert
  • Booster 2: Overstock/Ammo Award/Team Safe
  • Kickback: Army of Three (Ao3)
  • Medal limit: 10/16
  • Duration: 30 seconds

5.3.1 How to use:

  1. The main weapon to use with Ammo Award is the Dragon Sniper. You'll usually have enough ammo throughout the whole game to use the same Sniper if you don't miss too many shots. Be sure to refill your ammo on downed Snipers. For each 5 enemies you snipe, you'll get 5 more shots. This doesn't work on Power Weapons such as the MAG5 or T-BOLT.
  2. It takes one shot to take the helmet off an armored foe, and another to kill. When using Ao3 it only takes 1 shot to kill them if you get a headshot. One shot to kill an armored choker who is grabbing a team mate without Ao3. Able to kill Mini-bosses easily from far away, 2 to 3 shots max
  3. Ao3 should be activated when taking down Mini-bosses or Brutes. They will go down quickly and you can take a Brute's PAK-80. Using a PAK-80 plus Ao3 will tear anything to shreds very quickly. Best time to activate Ao3 is during Siege when a lot of enemies are surrounding the team.

5.3.2 Pros:

  1. Take down enemies very fast
  2. Keep receiving more ammo without having to find any. Great for tight Siege spots with ammo not close by
  3. Using the Dragon Sniper can be better than the T-Bolt thanks to reload speed, amount of bullets

5.3.2 Cons:

  1. Takes a lot of medals to activate again
  2. Doesn't last very long

5.4 Marksman: (3.5/5)

  • Booster 1: Regeneration/Scoped-In
  • Booster 2: Bargin
  • Kickback: T-Bolt
  • Medal limit: 5/Unlimited

5.4.1 How to use:

  1. Acquire the T-Bolt at the start of the game, do not waste the ammo on normal enemies
  2. Keep activating your kickback each time you get it, an additional 5 ammo will be added to the T-Bolt you picked up. So after you picked it up, activating it means there will be 10 shots instead of 5 and so on. For instance, I've had 45 shots in the same T-Bolt at one stage
  3. The T-Bolt can be dropped and won't disappear immediately, whilst retaining the additional ammo
  4. Use the various pistols on the map to kill normal enemies, armored enemies and chokers
  5. If you have less than 5 bullets left, pick up another T-Bolt so you won't waste your kickback refilling the standard amount
  6. You can give your T-Bolt to other team members, for instance if someone had the Militia kickback, they could fire all 20+ shots without reloading, destroying anything quite quickly
  7. If another person has Ao3, with a lot of ammo, nothing stands a chance

5.4.2 Pros:

  1. One shot with the T-Bolt will remove any piece of a Mini-boss' armor
  2. Great way to take down Mini-bosses and Brutes from a far is shooting their chest, 3 shot kill
  3. If no T-Bolt is available on the map, the kickback can be activated when holding another weapon. For instance a PAK-80, you'll move at normal speed and be able to climb. When the 5 ammo runs out, you'll have a PAK-80 again. So you could bring a PAK-80 to an elevated position you couldn't normally get it to

5.4.3 Cons:

  1. Only really useful on maps with a T-Bolt spawn
  2. Limited supply of pistols during rounds
  3. Your explosives will damage team mates
  4. Get stunned by enemy explosives
  5. If you die with the T-Bolt, you'll lose all the ammo you had in it

5.5 Medic/Newbie (3/5 to 4/5):

  • Booster 1: Regeneration
  • Booster 2: Team Safe
  • Kickback: Medic/Cluster Bomb
  • Medal limit: 10/Unlimited
  • Duration: Instant

5.5.1 How to play:

  1. Use this load out if you aren't sure what to use on Crushing.
  2. Try to stick close to your team mates and take enemies out as you see fit.
  3. A glitch allows you to sometimes activate Medic after you've fallen down. This will instantly revive you and your team mates.
  4. If both your team mates are down and you attempt to rescue them, you might get choked and everyone will die. However you may be able to activate Medic quickly to revive them before/after you get choked so then they can save you

5.5.2 Pros:

  1. You won't annoy team mates
  2. You can revive team mates who are difficult to save or far away
  3. Your explosives won't damage team members
  4. You won't get stunned by enemy grenades
  5. You can stack infinite Cluster Bomb kickbacks

5.5.3 Cons:

  1. Waste of a kickback as Protector is much better, as you should be in saving distance of your team at all times.
  2. If you die you'll lose all your Cluster Bombs. Protector is preventive kickback as opposed to Medic which is a curative kickback. It's much better to prevent getting down in the first place then to help team mates who get down.

5.6 Scrub (0/5):

  • Booster 1: Regeneration
  • Booster 2: Bargin
  • Booster 3: Bargin (Paid)
  • Kickback: Cluster Bomb
  • Medal limit: 5/Unlimited
  • Duration: Instant

5.6.1 How to play:

  1. Before each game go to find a TDM game and buy the PAID BOOSTER, BARGIN. Back out immediately and find a Co-Op Arena game. Now your Cluster Bombs only take 5 medals to get.
  2. Take all the medal boxes and kill everyone you see. Make sure to listen for your team mates shooting someone and rush over and help kill them. When doing this try to stand in front of team mates to block their shots so you'll get the kill, not the assist.
  3. If you see a team mate shooting the hat off an enemy, make sure to melee them to get more points.
  4. Never carry the treasure, instead kill enemies at their spawns to get more money in Gold Rush. Let your team mates do the hard work, you just want to play survival anyway.
  5. Be sure to throw Cluster Bombs near your team mates to steal their kills and down them for extra revive medals. Save your team mates if they go down so they will be more inclined to revive you when you go down and are less likely to leave.
  6. Run outside the Siege circles to kill Mini-bosses, the kill won't count but you'll still get a Gatekeeper medal. Also make sure to get any Treasure boxes that are outside the Siege circle, you'll get more medals for your Cluster Bombs and even $1000 cash sometimes. Try to avoid shooting tougher enemies and instead wait for your team mates to damage Brutes and Mini-Bosses first. While this is happening, kill lesser enemies and then shoot or throw a cluster bomb at the tougher enemy your team mate has been shooting for ages. This way you're more likely to get the kills and medals.
  7. Don't worry about your team mates, they will be getting a lot of assists which means they will keep getting Gift Giver medals for their kickbacks. Try to play with team mates who use Protector or Medic so they can keep reviving you and aren't as aggressive. This way you'll maximize points.

5.6.2 Pros:

  1. You'll get a ton of points

5.6.3 Cons:

  1. You'll die easily/a lot
  2. People may quit the game since you're not a team player
  3. You might get kicked from killing team mates when trying to get free revive medals

5.7 Combinations:

Not really recommended to have more than one person using the same kickback such as Protector/Ao3. Multiple Cluster Bombs are okay. Try to avoid using Kickbacks at the same time. Using Protector plus Ao3 at the same time isn't really required.

5.7.1 Best team combination:

Protector, Explosives Expert and Anything else excluding Scrub. E.g.

  1. Protector, Explosives Expert x2
  2. Protector, Explosives Expert, Commando
  3. Explosives Expert x3/Newbie x3
  4. Protector, Explosives Expert, Marksman
  5. Protector, Explosives Expert, Medic/Newbie
  6. Protector x3
  7. Explosives Expert, Commando, something not listed

5.7.2 Worst team combination

Scrub x3


SG6. Boosters and Kickbacks

6.1 Booster 1:

  1. Endurance | Useless | - Waste of a booster, you won't be running much
  2. Beast Mode | Useless | - Just walk or throw the idol. Only good in hunter or easier difficulties
  3. Scoped-In | Decent | - Decent booster for sniping, recommend Regeneration instead
  4. Fleet Foot | Useless | - Could be useful to avoid bullets but NPCs aim is too good
  5. Regeneration | Excellent | - Overall best booster. Recover from wounds faster!
  6. Explosive Expert | Excellent | - Non-Cluster Bomb users can buy the PAID BOOSTER in TDM instead

6.2 Booster 2:

  1. Monkey Man | Useless | - Waste of a booster, you won't be climbing much
  2. Kickback Endurance | Useless | - Overstock is better since you can activate your kickback twice
  3. Back in the saddle | Useless | - Only good in Hunter, you shouldn't be dying in arena
  4. Overstock | Great | - You don't need Ao3 or Protector for 45s straight, 30s is enough
  5. Team Safe | Great | - Are you using explosives, then use this booster!
  6. Bargin | Good | - Not very useful, you can buy the PAID BOOSTER in TDM instead
  7. Ammo Award | Great | - Great for sniping or tough siege spots

6.3 Kickbacks:

  1. T-Bolt | Good | - Only good if using Marksman set up, otherwise not worth it
  2. Speedy-G | Useless | - You shouldn't be running around too much
  3. Militia Man | Useless | - Could be useful if combined with a Marksman team mate
  4. Riot Shield | Useless | - Could be useful as it stops you from being choked
  5. Shotgun | Useless | - All shotguns are underpowered in Co-Op
  6. Explosives | Useless | - Just pick up grenades on the map
  7. Quick boom | Useless | - Enemies barely move when throwing grenades at them, it's a waste
  8. Medic | Decent | - This is a poor man's Protector. Really good kickback in Hunter though
  9. Carpet Bomb | Useless | - Doesn't damage enemies enough to be effective
  10. Juggernaut | Useless | - Convince a friend to use this, it's funny when they get meleed
  11. Mega Bomb | Never use this | - You will kill yourself and your team. Barely damage enemies
  12. Army of Three | Great | - This is great when paired with Protector or activated normally
  13. Cluster Bomb | Excellent | - Second best kickback. Don't know what to use? Then use this
  14. Protector | Excellent | - By far the best kickback. Only when playing as a team though


SG7. Enemies (Highest priority to defeat to least & general way to kill them)***

Refer to Enemy Types section for detailed tips and reasoning. But generally:

  • For Mini-Bosses/Brutes, always aim for the legs/chest. Do not aim for the head. They move around too much and it takes more bullets.
  • For all armored foes, aim for the head. If this isn't possible aim for an exposed body part. If their hats are off, use melee.
  • For standard enemies, aim for the head or chest. If very close use melee.

  1. Cluster Bomber | Extreme | - Kill asap, use a Cluster Bomb, PAK-80, Hammer, any Sniper, G-MAL, M9 or MAG-5
  2. Carpet Bomber | Very High | - Kill asap, PAK-80, Hammer, any Sniper, G-MAL, M9 or MAG-5
  3. Rocket Launcher | Very High | - Kill asap, any gun
  4. Sniper | Very High | - Kill asap, any gun
  5. Militia Man | High | - Use PAK-80, any Sniper, G-MAL, M9 or MAG-5
  6. Brute | High | - Use a Cluster Bomb or PAK-80, alternatively use M9s or any Snipers
  7. Armored Chokers | High | - Melee them or let them grab you, try to shoot helmet off first if you're getting grabbed
  8. Chokers | High | - Any gun and fists
  9. Armored Shotgunners | Medium | - G-MAL, M9, grenades and fists
  10. Pistoles | Medium | - Any gun
  11. Shotgunners | Medium | - Any gun
  12. Riot Shielders | Medium | - M9, Micro, MAG-5 or grenades
  13. Armored assault rifles | Medium | - G-MAL, M9, grenades and fists
  14. Regular assault rifles | Low | - Any gun and fists
  15. Regular side arms | Low | - Any gun and fists

***Obviously if an Armored Shotgunner is close to the team and the Cluster Bomber is very far away, kill the Armored Shotgunner first


SG8. Maps (Hardest to easiest/Survival locations)****

  1. Syria | Worst Siege spots | - Stay where the old player spawn was
  2. Chateau | 2 bad Siege spots | - Stay in the middle Siege spot, up the stairs
  3. Airport | 2 bad Siege spots | - Stay on the roof next to the exploding house
  4. Highrise | 2 bad Siege spots | - Stay where the T-Bolt now spawns
  5. Yemen | 2 bad Siege spots | - Stay where the old Siege spot was on top of the staircase
  6. Desert Village | 1 bad Siege spot | - Stay in the upper corner Siege spot or the underground Siege spot
  7. Molten Ruins | 1 bad Siege spot | - Stay on the upper/second floor of the house you spawn in
  8. Lost City | 1 bad Siege spot | - Stay in the above ground middle siege spot, heaps of ammo
  9. Village | 1 bad Siege spot | - Stay on top of the house you spawn in
  10. Sanctuary | 1 bad Siege spot | - Stay in the house you spawn in
  11. Plaza | 1 not so good Siege spot | - Stay in the alley way behind the washing machines
  12. Facility | 2 not so good Siege spots | - Stay where the M32-Hammer spawns
  13. Museum | 1 bad Siege spot | - Stay inside the Museum, each person covers an entry point
  14. Fort | Best Siege spots | - Stay down below (recommended) or on top next to the T-Bolt

****Other spots are valid to stay, these are generally the easiest since you won't lose many lives


SG9. Bonus stuff:

9.1 How to complete Co-Op treasure sets:

In Arena some treasures are really common and some are really rare. If you want to complete your sets, play Hunter Arena. All the rare treasures in Arena are common/easier to get in Hunter Arena. Vice versa.

9.2 Best combinations in Hunter include:

This section is strictly my opinion, I haven't played Hunter a whole lot in comparison to Arena. Only got destroyed/lost badly once using the Army of Two setup against the War Horses setup detailed below.

9.2.1 Setup 1: War Horses (5/5)

Player 1 & 2: Beast Mode + Back in the saddle (Medic)

  1. Place idols separately. If you're about to die use Medic. If your team member goes down use Medic. Keep planting idols for more Medic kickbacks. Even if you die, suicide and you'll respawn in like 3 to 5 seconds. Or just wait for your team mate to plant an idol to get instantly revived.
  2. You're as fast as a horse and just like them you'll barely ever get sick (down) for too long and will recover quickly.

9.2.2 Setup 2: Army of Two (4.5/5)

Player 1:  Beast Mode + Kickback Endurance (Protector)

Player 2:  Beast Mode + Kickback Endurance (Army of 3)

  1. Keep placing idols in chests together, activate both kickbacks at the same time and stay close (10m). You usually only need 30s to plant an idol for another kickback but you'll have 45s. Try to do a round robin plant session. You'll do double damage and take half damage. Plus it's like playing as a super rainbow warrior.
  2. You're the definition of a two man team, no one will be able to kill you. However, War Horses will out score you.


Feel free to leave a comment below to discuss or ask me any Co-Op Arena question you want answered. Did I forget anything, do you agree or disagree? Let me know below.

- Thanks for reading, Seantastic88.

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Re: How to play and beat Crushing Co-Op Arena Guide

Mar 8, 2012

Very nice thorough write-up.

Some additional tips:

  • RPGs and Hammer shots are more effective when they hit the enemy's head.  2 RPG shots to the head will kill an armored foe and 3 Hammer shots to the head will kill a mini-boss.  Just remember to adjust for the trajectory of the Hammer shot when shooting from a distance.
  • If you have good team players that stay close, mow down mini-bosses in very little time by both (or all three) aiming at the front leg of the same mini-boss.  Don't be concerned about getting the kill shot/medal.  It should all average out over time anyways.  Main priority is to kill the miniboss so he's no longer a threat to your team.
  • It is definitely beneficial to have variety among teammate loadouts.  Usually these will match their gameplay personalities, though sometimes you will want to ensure that some players have certain loadouts/kickbacks on specific maps.  Ex: Siege at Syria is a lot easier with Protector.  With some siege locations on certain maps, the first 30 seconds can be the hardest of the round.

It can be a real gamble to play crushing with matchmaking randoms.  Sometimes you have team chemistry, but historically I've preferred to vote for a Hard match to see if they are good team players and what kickbacks they are using before considering upping the difficulty to Crushing if we all stay as a party for another match.  I've had too many games where the others voted for Crushing and I don't see them carry the idol at all, not operate anywhere near the idol carrier, or I see a blue cluster bomb thrown.  These days, I don't play Crushing unless I have at least one other person in my party, and if we don't have a full party, we tend to opt to play a 2 player game instead of risking the luck of matchmaking.

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Re: How to play and beat Crushing Co-Op Arena Guide

Mar 8, 2012

Massive wall O text! wow! I'm impressed, good stuff. Only thing I didn't know was the color blind support thing.

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Re: How to play and beat Crushing Co-Op Arena Guide

Oct 11, 2012
Wow great thread I'll read it more in depth closer to when I'll be playing. Thanks

"They're all good at killing."
-Omar Kendall IGN LIvestream [18:33] 11/14/12
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Re: How to play and beat Crushing Co-Op Arena Guide

Oct 11, 2012

I put this guy's thread in my directory, he deserved it. Smiley Wink

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Re: How to play and beat Crushing Co-Op Arena Guide

Oct 11, 2012

Awesome info.Definitely a great write up. Thanks for doing it.


I guess after reading that, i need to find some people that want to play hunter arena to finish up these darn treasure sets.


So if anyone still needs to finish their sets also and is looking for someone to play some hunter arena with send me a friend request



Mention Hunter or Arena or Hunter Arena in the message please. Thanks and hope to see you all in the arena.

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